You never know what people have been dealing with. 5pp.
A drastically reduced impression of Jack London's 1912 pre-and-post-apocalyptic novel. 6pp.
Could be an eerie tale of were-beast mayhem, or a whimper of existential despair, or just a shaggy-dog story. 8pp.
(not very safe for work) A famously bogus cheap novelty becomes terrifyingly effective. Two possible endings depending on how reckless the narrator is. (more about this)
Clinical examination is more of an art than a science. 1p.
Come see what people are up to in the city, and take care of that old thing you need a new one of. 4pp.
Cautionary memoir of well-meaning youthful domesticity. Funnier now than it was then. 1p.
A romance starts off on the wrong foot and leads to a life-long mystery. 8pp.
Portrait series based on my fascination with doctors on TV and workplace attire. Non-narrative but maybe there's a story in it somehow. 15pp.
Several things happen over 8 billion years as seen by the eye of a wandering ghost dinosaur. 10pp.
The complete series of three minicomics that I adapted from dreams; often silly, scary, or embarrassing; 26 stories in all.
Gym love, personals ad poetry and the male gaze. 1p.
A true-life hospital story of late-night anxiety. 6pp.
Ponder why our ancestors paid tribute to mythical beings such as Pacific Gas & Electric. 4pp.
The living dead meet this guy I used to work with; you may know the type. 2pp.
A slightly bitter emotional allegory with clowns. Read it backwards— does that help? Sorry. 1p.