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An Inside Job

issue 3 front cover
front cover (#3)

issue 2 front cover
front cover (#2)

issue 1 front cover
front cover (#1)

(2000-2006) Black and white with 2-color covers; issues 1-2 are 3.25"x6", issue 3 is 5.5"x8" and contains three times as much material.

(You can now read all 3 issues online. Why not.)

Everyone thinks their dreams are interesting and they're usually wrong; but one good thing about being a depressive obsessive type is that you get some pretty vivid messages when you're trying to sleep. Some of them take a lot of work... sort of like having an extra job for which you are not paid. Comics are well suited to the hopeless task of trying to convey an irrational notion that words or pictures alone can't do. Others have covered the territory a million times better than this, but I can't seem to stop.

The stories are pretty short and are done in various styles and media depending on something or other. The content is often morbid and disgruntled (much of the material was originally recorded in 2001-2002 when I was not the happiest guy) and sometimes cryptic, but, I'm told, often funny.

About the covers:
I printed the covers of issues #2 and #3 on a Vandercook letterpress; but an earlier, slightly larger printing of #3 was silkscreened by John Isaacson, and the first printing of #2 was done by Mark Wagner of Booklyn Artists Alliance, both of whom deserve extensive praise and thanks. I hate to admit it, but issue #1's cover was just done with a computer and an inkjet printer.