body, n., \'bä-dē\ 1. the main, central, or principal part. 2. the organized physical substance of an animal or plant either living or dead; a human being. 3. a mass of matter distinct from other masses; something that embodies a thing; aggregate, quantity. 4. the part of a garment covering the torso; the main part of a literary or journalistic work; the sound box or pipe of a musical instrument. 5. a group of persons or things. 6. viscosity.
busy, adj., \'bi-zē\ 1. engaged in action; being in use. 2. full of activity. 3. foolishly or intrusively active. 4. full of distracting detail.
busybody, n., \ˈbi-zē-ˌbä-dē\ an officious or inquisitive person. (syn.: buttinsky)

BUSYBODY is a self-published comic that has different kinds of things by me in it. Some of those things are also online, or showed up briefly in print somewhere else; other things are new. Magazine size, color (spiffily inkjet-printed).

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#1, June 2017

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32 pages. In print for the first time*: "Discovery", "Refresher", "Hippocratic Oath". Reprinted with some cosmetic improvements: "The Therapist", "The Hospital Follows Me". Also part 1 of a long story, Shift Report, about nurses.

* If you're one of the handful of people who got the little ashcan zine I did a few years ago, which was confusingly also called Busybody #1—or the color one from last year called Busybody 0.5 that I made for a show at CCA—then you've seen a couple of these things before. Send me your copy of that and I'll send you this one for free.